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South africa, Cape town, Travelogue

Today is my last day in South africa, i arrived yesterday from durban, and first i visited the public swimming pool with saltwater, which is absolutly perfect, so i swamm 2.2km, and after that i visited the waterfront, after my dinner in City grill, i went to the Cape town Jazzathon, which is an open air jazz festival, and was very nice.

Cape town, Travelogue

I visited the Robben Island, this is a must have in cape town, South africa, the guides are former prisoners, who were there for 10 or 20 years. Nelson mandela war there until 1990, this island was used a Prison for political activists. But the prisoners called it the robben university, because there were lot of professors, and lawyers there, some prisoners leaved with several titels, and master degrees.

Garden Rougte, Travelogue

I started the Garden route, which starts from Cape town and goes beside the coast long to Port Elisabeth, durbin, Johanesburg, and more. I used the BazBus, which picks up the passengers (Backpackers !) from the Backpack, and brings you to the next backpacker hostel in the next destination, you can buy a ticket, and use bazbus for example for 2 weeks, as much often you like in your desired route. I had until now 3 stopps at wilderness, knysna and plettenberg bay. I'll leave tommorow (3 January 2006) and will be pickedup by bazbus to storms river.I am using Coast to coast Guid, which is very helpfull, it includes all bazbus route, and all backpacker hostels with detaild informations, and adventure guides, and lots of usfull hints.

South africa, Stormsriver Travelogue

Storms River, is near too Pletensberg bay, and it is in a natural area, near to Tsitsikama national Park. I decieded to visit this national park, and join other 3 guys, after that it was a 6.4km trail, it rained, and the trail was dangeres, because of lots of rocks in the way, after 2km we arrived at one cave, and after another 1km, we arrived to the Waterfall.It took around 3 hours to go, and afterwards we were completly wet, so i went to the next shop in the national park, and bought a t-shirt, a short, and a cap!It was an unforgettable trail.I stay for another night here, and after that i'll go to Port Elizabeth (known as PE).

Cape town and Sport Travelogue

Cape town has now a very good weather conditions, it's mostly sunny and not hot. From the Camps bay there is a long flat road beside the ocean. There are lots of other roads, and some of them are with hills. For running the same conditions as well. Cape town is between the two oceans, atlantic , which is cold (9c) and indian ocean, which has a warm current (20c). For swimmers is the last one using wet suit very good, there is a big public swimming pool, with ocean water, which is absolutly nice to swim. For scuba divers, the same, there is every day possibility for diving, i dived 2 times. And last but not least is the nutrition, you can find the best food restaurants in the waterfront, which is for sport very important too.

South africa, Port Elizabeth Travelogue

I stayed for 5 nights at Porth Elizabeth (known as PE), this city is also known as Nelson Mandela Bay too. There is a very long beach here, and is the place for surfers. The People here talking about PE as the Windy and friendly city.I visited a Safari Park 60km near to PE, known as Addo National Elephant Park, we saw more then 7 Elephants, and after that we went to Schotta National Park, in which there are Lions, Springbocks , Hypo, Girafs, Zebra , Buffalos and many other animals.It was very interesting Safari, i'll upload the Pictures after my return to Vienna.Tommorow i'm going to go to Durban by BazBus.

South africa, Durban Travelogue

I used BazBus yesterday to come from Port Elizabeth to durban, i didn't had any stops, because i wanted to stop in bulungulu which is a real african city, with african food, and more nativ african people and culture, but they were fully booked, and my my journey is going to the end.I am actualy in Agape Backpackers, they are very friendly,this area is in south of durban, and is near to the beach, and is very beautifull, this backpack is a brand new one, built at may 2005.I think as most part of this country, here i'm the first Iranian arrived, and again i had to explain that iran is not an arabic country and we do not speaking arabic, our native language is Persian (فارسی)!!! From today the Weather changed to the good side, and it's Sunny again.In the way to durban we passed Cafe bay and Port st Johns which are intersting places to stay too, but unfortunatly i havn't enough time to stay ;-)

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South africa, Cape town , Wine tour

I booked a Wine Tour,because one of the most exciting regions in Cape town, is Stellenbosch. South africa is one of the biggest Wine producer of the world (Ranking 6), Moldavia is the first one.I was picked up by the Tour Organizer (Robbie), and we were a group of 8 persons, after that we visited several Wine Villages, we tasted several diffrent White Wines and red Wines (Total of 15 Wines), the best one was a Shiraz Red Wine.Shiraz grape is planted in Australia, South africa, New zealand, etc.We tried for example Sauvignon blanc, Monro, and Fired Earth Wines. Wine Production changes from Art to Science with the time, the Wine plants are used for 25 years only, after that is every grape renewed, and it takes 5 years to produce wine again, this is because of the soil that should be regenerated, because it affects the Wine quality. We learned how to determine Wine Quality.We should keep an eay at the Wine Quality with the color, the less color, the younger is the Wine, age, taste and the taste after drinking.


South africa, Cape town , Checking in and getting around

I arrived to african backpackers, and checked in to a shared dorm, there are 7 other guyes living in my room (3 girls/4 boys). At first day i tried to get a hole picture from cape town, so i decided to go to Table mountain, which is in the heighest point, and the emblem of cape town (1083m), there is a cable car which goes to the upper part, and from the top you can see the hole cape town, in second day i visited the waterfront, which is a horbour (port), and is a big place for events, and good restaurants, and a place for meeting people from diffrent part of the world, there are dutch, sweden, british and german tourists here, and of course some south africans. In next day i visited the city hall, and then i took the explorer bus, with this bus (like in sydney) you can choose between a red route (inner city), and blue route (outer city). I choosed the blue line, and it was very interesting, I visited the Kirstenbosch botanic garden, which is very nice, the best time to get there is from april to october, but now it was very nice too, there are more than 5000 different plants there. After that we stopped at Mariner's wharf, which is simmilar to fisherman's wharf in san francisco, this is a port for fisherman, and you can have very good seefood. After that we stopped at sea point, which is for me the most beautiful part of my journey until now. South africa has more than 3000 km coast, and this part is like hollywood in Los Angeles, there are lot of buildings, and endles strand, you could spend a hole day at strand, or look to the sunset, which apears around 7:45 pm, and is very nice.


South Africa, Cape town

I arrived at 14, december 2005 in cape town, it was a long flight, because there are no direct flights available from Vienna to Cape town, so i booked a ticket from Vienna to Dubai, and from Duabi to Johannesburg, and then to Cape town. Cape town is the mother city of south africa. The national language is english, and the native language is Afrikaans, which is very simmilar to dutch language, and was brought to south africa by Jan van Riebeeck at 1652 to south africa. He was from the dutch fleet, and wanted to establish a nutrition station for all ships, that want to stop over in south africa, during their way to india. But he stayed in south africa. Cape town is a city in western cape state, and there are a lot of german, british, french, and dutch tourists here, at the moment we have summer session, and we are close to christmas holidays, and the new year. The population is about 3 million. more about cape town