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Dubai, UAE

This section contains my Dubai, United Arab Emirates traveling photos.


Inside Burj-al-arab (the only 7 star hotel world wide) 
The Palm from Burj-al-arab top floor Posted by Hello
Bazar Dubai Posted by Hello
The Palm model Posted by Hello

Gold Souk (Gold Bazar)

Mina A Salam Hotel Outside Posted by Hello
Burj-al-arab Posted by Hello
Burj-al-arab Front view Posted by Hello
Burj-al-arab Dubai Posted by Hello
Mina A Salam Bazar Dubai Posted by Hello
Persian Carpets Posted by Hello


Prag House style Posted by Hello
Venezia- Italy Posted by Hello
Prag downtown Posted by Hello
Prag Posted by Hello
Prag Old City Area Posted by Hello
Prag Posted by Hello


Isfahan, Iran

After 5 years, i visited my original hometown Isfahan (Persian: اصفهان)(Iran Persian ایران) again, this section contains my traveling pictures.



Naghshe Jahan Square

Nahgshe Jahan Square (Persian: میدان نقش جهان ) means Picture of the World, located in Isfahan.

more reading:
Naghsh-i Jahan Square at Wikipedia

Si-o-Seh Pol

Si-o-Seh Pol (Persian: سی و سه پل), the bridge of 33 arches

Pol-e-Khaju Downside

Pol-e-Khajou located in Isfahan


Zayanderood, or Zayande river in Isfahan


Pol-e-Chubi in Isfahan (Persian: پل چوبی) means wooden bridge

Pol-e-Khajou backside

Pol-e-Khajou (Persian: پل خواجو)



Handycraft made in Isfahan

Samavar Bazar

Ali Qapu Palace

Ali Qapu (Persian: عالی قاپو)located in the main suare in Isfahan

Bazar Handycraft

Aliqapu Bazar

Hotel Abbasi lobby

Hotel Abbasi is the most beautiful hotel and the place of comming together for the young generation in Isfahan.