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Vienna, Austria

This section belongs to the Vienna, Austria Pictures, in fact i am living there, but my uncle visited me in summer 2004, so i guided him through Vienna.

IAEA Building

United nations building for atom energy agency - Vienna 

Danube island park

Inside Danube Tower

At the top, there is a restaraurant with 3 floors, rotating with a speed of 1 round per hour, we are now at the first floor.Danube Tower (Heigh:167m ) 

IAEA Building

Uno City (IAEA Biulding) - This picture is from the danube tower, Vienna 

Danube Tower, Vienna

Danube Tower (Mind the bonjee jumping dive at the top) 

Gloriette View in Schönbrunn Park

Gloriette View in Schönbron Park - Vienna 

Schönbrunn Park

Schönbrun Park 

Vienna Kohlmarkt


Karlskirche in Vienna


Vienna Park

Schloß Schönbrunn - Vienna

Schloß Schönbrunn located in Vienna, Austria

Am Graben

3 Kings - Vienna

Danube Island

Danube Island - This is the view point from danube tower, Vienna