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South africa

South africa

This section contains my south africa traveling pictures and my South africa Travelogues from 15 december 2005 until 15 January 2006.

Cape town Market

ostrich on the head!
South africa
durban marin drive
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South africa

monkeys living in the street in durban marin drive area

South africa

African handy craft
south africa

South africa, Durban

my room in durban agape backpackers
South africa
African cooking
Addo Elephant Park

Elephant Family

The elephants family are always together. my Addo safari

Schotta safari park

schotta privat national park near to Port Elizabeth
Rhino at schotta privat national park

Safari trip

This is the Addo Elephant park


Rhino at schotta privat national park
schotta privat national park

Lions in Safari park

Lions family at schotta privat national park

Safari tour

Addo Elephant park


Addo Elephant park
Port Elizabeth, this is the start area of the Ironman south africa as well.
Some times are the trafic signs confusing ;-)
Storms river cube n x backpacker, all possible activities in this area are painted on the wall, such as bonji jumping, canoying or diving, etc


This is the Tsitsikama national park, behind me is the hang bridge in storms river

Albergo backpackers

This is the albergo backpackers at plettenbergs bay, managed by 2 dutch guys. everynight there was a fire for BQ.
Storms river
This guys are locals from plettenberg bay
Storms River hang bridge

New years eve

I spent the last night of the year (new years eve) here in knysna, there was a cool party!
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This bridge in Wilderness is shared by train and car!


Who thinks a jeep is not enhanceable?

Public swimming pool

Public swimming pool in cape town inside the atlantic ocean, this swimming pool uses ocean water, and is not cold as the ocean water which is 12c. pool length: 50m best place for long swimmer
Simon's town, pingun park

Crooked trees

crooked trees! because here is always windy.

Simon's town

Simon's part pinguin park.

Simon's town

Simon's town pinguin park

Before the sunset

Before the sunset

Robben island

This is the Robben Island entrance gate.Robben island is a ust see it in cape town and is a big part of the south african history.

Nelson mandela in robbin island

This is one of the first pictures, that was taken by a journalist in the robbin island

South african Kids

I met this girl with her mother in the robbin island tour, there is a tour with bus, and very kind guids (some of them where already in Robbin island, as it was still a prison for politicals)
This is the view to the cape town from the way to the Robbin Island


This is the Waterfront Amphitheater, there was everyday here some music or other programms for old and young
Waterfront before the sunset, mind the clouds on the top of the table mountain and the seals in right down
Music at Waterfront

Diving with Shark in aquarium

Aquarium in Cape town
Simon's town, Pinguin park

Aquarium, cape town