Tehran Travel


During 17-12-2006 and 31-12-2006 i visited Tehran, my traveling pictures are published to my PicasaWeb album:

I stayed at Tehran Grand Hotel (Hotel Reservation per Fax: +9821-8713857), which is in Tehran central, you could call for Taxi Service in Hotel or take a Taxi by yourself or go by Metro (Motahari street former Takhte Tavoos street).

I visited Tarjrish Bazar, i recoomenad Sharaf-ol-eslami Restaurant for persian food.
Nivaran Palace is one of my favorites too, you could visit Niavaran Park and Chel-cheleh Restaurant too, which is near to Nivaran Palace.

Golestan Palace near to Toop Khune place is very nice.

The current € exchange was 1212 toman (1 toman = 10 Rial)

I recommend to visit Isfahan and Shiraz too, please keep in mind that domestic flights could have delay.

For iranian confection and nuts, visit Tavazo store at Vali-asr street.
Iranian films and music could be found at "Moaseseye Rasanehaye Tasviri" at Vali-asr street.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog and I'm wondering: how was your stay at the Tehran Grand Hotel? Would you recommend it? I'm going to Tehran soon and I need some help, thanks! - AF

  2. Hi,

    i stayed for some nights there, and then changed to Hotel Simorgh, which was much better, and is near to grand hotel.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking of Hotel Simorgh, then finally faxed my reservation to Hotel Homa. There's still time to cancel though - have you stayed at Homa before? Oh, and is there internet connection at Hotel Simorgh? - AF

  4. Hi,

    I did not stayed at homa hotel, but simorgh is more central, there is a good internet connection, and it is free for hotel guests, they have a friendly stuff, and there is a good restaurant in hotel. they have double rooms, and suit rooms. i am happy with their service.

    have a nice travel

  5. I contacted Simorgh Hotel but they are fully booked for the period I'm going *sigh*. Thank you so much though for your kind recommendation. I will be staying at Homa Hotel, and will be writing something about my trip to Iran when I return. Would you be interested to read it? I'm sorry to be communicating with you through your comments section, but I can't find your email on your blog! - AF

  6. Hi,

    I wish you a nice travel, please send me your traveloque to: bahramjan1[at] hotmail [dot] com