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Google Chrome Extension

Google developed it's own browser, Chrome. It is a fast browser. It was developed and released one year ago, and now we have version 4, and the most important features that took years for other browsers, are already included in Chrome. There are already more than 32 million people using it regularly. There are even much more features, that some browser Companies are still working on it, like HTML 5.

There is already a Bookmark manager, that could be synchronized to Google docs, there are Themes implemented, and finally we have Extensions. If you would have a look to Google Chrome Extensions, there are already lots of Extensions, and the Firefox users may know many of them.

I started to implement my first Extension and after 2 hours, i can proudly present my first Google Chrome Extension!

Persian Jalali Calendar (سالنامه هجری خورشیدی) is an Extension for Chrome, that shows the current Persian date in Month format. For Installation please go to Chrome Extension Gallery and click install.

As i mentioned, Chrome is a fast browser, even in development. I can remember, my first Firefox Extension, took much more time, and after development, it took weeks to get approved by Mozilla Editors. And, the installation of extensions does not need a browser restart!

One of my favorite Extensions is Google Translate. You could translate any page to your desired language.

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  1. Bahram jan,
    I installed it on my Chrome. I think it's a great extension (considering that it's made in 2 hours!)
    But, don't you think it's a weak point that Google does not check the extensions before making available to public?

  2. Hi Payam,
    Chrome is more secure than Firefox, each Extension is running in its own process.
    The approval process includes security and copyright checks. Maybe there is no need for more checks from Google side.

  3. Thank you for your insightful review of Chrome, and this useful extension.