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During Christmas time we visited Istanbul for a week. It was a very nice experience for us hence it's not easy to travel with a one year old baby, it needs preprations and hotel rooms are mostly for two persones and small. We stayed in Fatih, Sirkecy district and it is located in the heart of old Istanbul with most historical Palaces like Topkapi, Ayasofia and Eminönu and Spice Bazaar. Beyazit area is near too for visiting the Grand Bazaar and Süleyman Camii (Mosque) and Süleyman Hemami (Turkish Bath).

We visited first the Spice Bazaar and then the Eminönu Mosque. Topkapi Palace is a must visit, very nice is the bosphoros view from Topkapi. if you want to know more about othoman empire, Topkapi and Dolmabahce Palaces are a must. I tried to take pictures from the most important things we saw in Istanbul. Please keep in mind you could find in most of the photos by opening the photo details link the location data on google map.

Levent district is the part of the Istanbul with many skycrappers and Shopping Malls like Kanyon, Cevahir and others. We used the following Public Transportation: line T1, Metro M1, M2, F1 ( funicular) and Ferryboats.

Be carefull of using Taxis, sometimes it could be that you pay too much, my moto was No Extras, Please!
Last but not least i would recommand to visit a Turkish Bath like Cagaloglu Bath, which is an 300 years old Hemam.

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